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ForenGamesThe pvp community is rather small when compared

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Not asking for a Animal Crossing Bells complete overhaul, just a fighting chance to complete something harder than a moderate tier

It isn't dull because"oh we don't beg na go find out that area each step is in" it's tedious because it would require a ton of programming work

Yeah I understand the reach of the ask. Not everything you work on in your workplace is an easy brainless undertaking. They have a chance to make Trailblazer leagues leave a very lasting favorable feeling. It's up to the dev team if they believe that it's worth devoting the xxxx, but should they mend clues, it might mean leaving a really positive legacy for your league. It is also more than just improving the performance and gameplay of the team itself, it shows they're listening to players and prepared to make improvements which continues to construct a rexxxxtion that's difficult to put an specific value on.

Correct. The pvp community is rather small when compared to the skilling and pvm community, I am afraid. Leagues require a LOT of work and I doubt Jagex wants to alienate a large portion of the community in one.

Same. I hope a break is all it takes... The Celtics may have murdered osrs for me in the future. Going back to 1/16 of this speed will be FUCKING BRUTAL.I agree this really is actually the most fun I have had playing osrs, rather than in a"I do not enjoy the major match any more" way, I truly enjoy the main match, but leagues would be really much fun. My sole regret is I do not have a second account to try an alternate pair of regions/relics on.

You may easily create a second account for that, it is not like you need to Animal Crossing Bells For Sale play the most important game at all in order to get Leagues. You just need to get a bond/membership
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